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Mr. Tomas Klingström


KI Biobank
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Content published on MolMeth

This SOP describe the use and maintenance of the extraction robot Chemagic STAR.
To describe the use and maintenance of the blood aliquoting robot Hamilton STAR.
This document detail the standard operating procedures for how samples are to be handled and manually treated at the KI Biobank.
The attached file contain a visiting log for the nitrogen tanks
The instruction describes how to manage assignments from external customers with respect to performing DNA extractions. This assignment means that samples are sent to KI Biobank for DNA extraction, and the DNA will be sent back to the customer after the extraction.
The document describe how to use the Trinean spectrophotometer, placed together with the Hamilton Chemagic STAR extraction robot (Mimmi) and the robot Hamilton Microlab Star LET (Pärlan) at KI Biobank.
The purpose of this instruction is to explain how and when maintenance should be performed on the Hamilton robots used by KI Biobank.
The attached file contain a checklist for withdrawal of REMP tubes from the KI Biobank storage system.
The attached file contain a form for recording temperature levels in low-temperature freezers.
The attached document contain a translated version of the form used to record temperature changes in fridges and freezers.